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Fashion is my passion and styling is my calling.

Speaking candidly, Amalia will tell you, while she never quite knew fashion and styling would be her life’s passion, it was woven into every facet of her life as a young child, growing up in one of Canada’s biggest fashion metropolises. Her journey to “fashiondom” began as a tween in Montreal. It was then that Amalia, one of two children of Italian immigrants, gathered all the neighbourhood kids each summer, their latest clothing buys in hand, to organize a fashion show with pencil cases as purses – each made of scraps of fabric left behind from her grandfather’s upholstery projects. 

She credits much of this early inspiration to her family. Amalia’s mother made many of her clothes but would allow her to pick the fabric and pattern, fashioning some of the most cool and creative pieces for her time. Fast forward 30 years later, that passion has come full circle. 

Today, after having worked in the fashion industry for more than a decade, Amalia will tell you that finding your style is the small shift that can make a big impact in your life and the simplest way to boost every woman and man’s confidence. After all, everyone needs to step out of the house each day, so why not step out in style.

“Clothes are an extension of your personality,” Amalia explains. “If you show off your personality with your clothes, you’ll look good, like the best version of yourself, and when you look good, you feel good and and when you feel good, life’s every day challenges feel a little bit easier. Bottom line, I don’t want anyone to be intimidated by clothing,” she continues. “There is something for everybody and every body and everyone deserves to feel good in their clothes and in their skin, every single day.  My job is to give them the tools to exude that confidence.” 

Enter styling for the everyday woman and man. From her a la mode upbringing to her life changing fashion experience in Italy and her years of editorial styling right here in Toronto, Amalia came to understand that fashion is her passion and personal styling her calling. 

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”

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    Toronto is my Boyfriend


    Toronto is my Boyfriend is a labour of love – an expression of everything I adore about this city, from middle eastern food, foreign films, live music, and art exhibits to beaches, animal sanctuaries and, most of all, fashion! I get to explore all that this city has to offer and frankly, it really does have it all! Every outing is like being on the best date ever, so why not share my boyfriend with you! It’s not every day you get to share a boyfriend!

    Through this blog, you will join me on my my pursuit of happiness and all that is Toronto! I want to share all that I have learned, all that I have discovered and all that is chic. The what’s new, where to get it, and the how and how much? Trust me, you don’t have to be rich to be Toronto’s girl. There’s a plethora of style in this city and your style is out there, so allow me to do the leg work for ya!

    Sit back, grab a coffee and follow me on this journey in exploring all the fashion wonders that my boyfriend has to offer, with Coco le chat in tow of course! We can’t forget my fur baby!


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    Amalia has a sixth sense when it comes to fashion.  She seems to be able to effortlessly size up her clients, and intuitively knows what will work best with their individual physiques, personalities, and lifestyles.  Amalia has assembled for me both professional and casual looks which leave me feeling pulled together, current, and – above all else – excited about my clothing again! Whether you’re looking for a quick wardrobe refresh, or a complete overhaul of your closet, I cannot recommend Amalia’s personal shopping and styling services highly enough.

    Ashley, Lawyer

    Working with Amalia was a pleasure!  She had a particular challenge with me because I was pregnant. I needed some clothes that could grow with me and get me through an upcoming family vacation.  Amalia found me a bunch of beautiful and versatile pieces that I felt great in during the early stages of my pregnancy and that I returned to wearing after having my baby.  Thank you Amalia!

    Leah, Lawyer

    I have had the opportunity to work with Amalia on two separate occasions. The first session was to assist me with revamping my wardrobe. We found the essential staples I needed as well as trendy pieces to mix in for fun. During the session we also found some amazing accessories to complement my selections. She showed me how to mix and match the pieces we selected to create a variety of outfits as well as how to accessorize them. The second session was a summer wardrobe booster in order to add pieces to my current wardrobe. During my shopping sessions Amalia helped me find pieces that flattered my body shape, pushed me out of my comfort zone both with colour and pattern (as I asked her to do), and helped me stay within the budget we discussed. During the sessions Amalia was attentive to my fabric preferences when selecting pieces, easily recognized my comfort or discomfort and was at ease in finding variations on pieces that weren’t perfect on the first attempt. When trying on pieces, Amalia was honest about the fit, look and mixability of the pieces into my current wardrobe. Amalia is very supportive and creates a body positive experience from the moment you start the session to the moment you are loading your pieces in the car to go home. Whenever I am in need of some guidance, Amalia is my first call!

    Joanne, Law Clerk

    I would highly recommend Amalia’s services. She has an incredible sense of style. Amalia is passionate about her work. She really spends time knowing the client’s personality and needs. She also does an amazing job fitting your wants in your budget.

    Georges-Andre, Finance
    Amalia loves her work and it shows; she truly cares about making her clients feel their best.
    She finds pieces you’ve asked for as well as pieces that will move you out of your comfort zone to take your look to another level!  She works within your budget and intuitively understands which brands and styles best suit different body types.
    Whether you need an entire new wardrobe or just a couple of pieces, she’ll work with you to find what you need and have you feeling great in your clothes!
    Janet, Government

    While working with a stylist could be intimidating, working with Amalia is an absolute delight. She made the process feel personal and tailored to my needs. I appreciated that she took the time to learn about my tastes, lifestyle, and budget. She also loves a challenge – I wanted comfortable, stylish and professional clothes that are machine-washable and travel well. Not easy but she found many items that fit the bill! Amalia truly loves fashion and helping others, and this shows in all her work.

    Carol, Lawyer

    From office wear to weekend wear, I needed a complete wardrobe refresh.  I didn’t have the time to do it myself and when I did try, wasn’t able to find the pieces I thought I wanted. Amalia was suggested to me and after listening to what I was hoping to achieve, she did her magic.  Two weeks later she arrived with piles of options.  I loved all of it and most importantly, everything (including the shoes and jeans) fit well and were comfortable.   She sourced good quality items and pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone, while still achieving my goals.  I would recommend Amalia to anyone who needs some style help and sourcing.  Money well spent!

    Carissa, Lawyer