Baby, it’s definitely cold outside, but that should come as no surprise seeing as we do live in the land of the true north strong and free(zing). Winter has never been my favorite season. It makes me grumpy, very grumpy – but this year I am challenging myself to get outdoors and enjoy it.  If I am gonna discover all the winter wonderland activities my boyfriend has to offer, I’m gonna do it in style as opposed to looking like the Micheline man.  Staying warm is key but so is looking cute, you never know who you’re gonna to run into 😉

So how do we achieve this magical combination? Scarves. The gorgeous and blanket-like enveloping you in warmth and style kinda’ scarves.  Love my scarves, always have. I used to get throat infections all the time as a kid, ugh, so I grew very attached to wearing scarves which became somewhat of a security blanket.  A modern day Linus Van Pelt.

Luckily, scarves have become a fashion staple so I have no reason to stop wearing them and every excuse to keep buying them. After all, old habits die hard.

Here are my current top 3:

1) The Maverick Shawl by Krista Norris – an Ottawa native, who’s scarves were actually gifted to the Obama daughters earlier this year by our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Not only am I in good company but I am supporting Canadian talent.  Bonus.

2) A Clavin Klein Boucle Angled Stripe Scarf from the Hudson’s Bay Company and last but definitely not least;

3) A Houndstooth Jacquard Scarf from Zara.  (confession: I am a Zara junkie)

Where to go and how to wear them?

I took all my scarves out on the town with my boyfriend in the last few weeks and I even paid a papparazzo to follow me around to show you all the looks.  What can I say, I live to give.

First stop

 A romantic afternoon walk or saunter through Taylor Creek Park

Nearby shopping: Gotamago (novelty boutique paying homage to my boo)

Nearby food: Maha’s (yummy Egyptian cuisine)

Photography by Electrafire


 Second stop

A stylish stroll in Bloor-Yorkville

Nearby what to do: The Chihuly Exhibit – ROM (closes Jan 8, 2017)

Nearby shopping: Kit & Ace / Window shopping: The Holt Renfrew Holiday Windows

Nearby food: L’Espresso Bar Mercurio – great brunch & the best almond milk Cappuccino!

Calvin Klein Boucle Scarf

Oversized Cardigan Coat by Zara
Necklace by Stella & Dot
Photography by Electrafire


Third and last stop

Winter Market – Evergreen Brickworks

Street Food Market – Etsy Vendors – Live Music

Do it all while indulging in a hot chocolate from the Sipping Container



Fire pit – defrosting station
Evergreen Brickworks
Photography by Ana


In these bleak winter months, it’s easy to want to hide from the cold and hibernate. But on the not so dismal days, I say go forth, layer up, wear your winter whites, stack on the knits and thermal underwear (Uniqlo), finish it off with your new blanket scarf and take it outside! Try skating or hit an outdoor bonfire whilst sipping on a brandy spiked apple cider, both fun, your choice 😉

Stay warm and be cool my friends!