It's no secret that I love my boyfriend, he's perfect for me, but holy hell is he high maintenance! Though Toronto is ranked one of the best boyfriend's in the world, he's also one of the most expensive, which is why if you wanna experience all that he and this world's got to offer, you gotta hustle [...]


Back in 1993, The Pet Shop Boys sang go west, life is peaceful there, great song, right?! I thought so too and 9 years later, I decided to take their "advice" and move west, 549 km west to be exact. Sure it took me almost a decade to take that advice, but in my defence, I've always been late bloomer.  Better [...]


Baby, it's definitely cold outside, but that should come as no surprise seeing as we do live in the land of the true north strong and free(zing). Winter has never been my favorite season. It makes me grumpy, very grumpy - but this year I am challenging myself to get outdoors and enjoy it.  If I am gonna discover all the [...]


It was exactly 14 years ago today that I made THE best decision of my life. I left my ex-boyfriend (a.k.a. Montreal) packed up my car and moved to what has been the longest standing relationship of my life; Toronto. We met for the first time through my best friend's brother in 1999 and we dated casually for a while; couple of dates a [...]


I have always been obsessed with clothes for as long as I can remember.  When I loved something, I really loved it!  A real passion for fashion - pardon the cliche - but the shoe fits. One of my first obsessive fashion episodes was around the age of 7.  My parents bought me a pair of Lilac suede t-strap shoes and I [...]