I have always been obsessed with clothes for as long as I can remember.  When I loved something, I really loved it!  A real passion for fashion – pardon the cliche – but the shoe fits. One of my first obsessive fashion episodes was around the age of 7.  My parents bought me a pair of Lilac suede t-strap shoes and I flipped when I saw them – but there was a catch, I couldn’t wear them out until Easter Sunday, the longest 2 weeks of my life!  So I wore them around the house every chance I got to “break them in”.  I was so in love with these shoes, I never wanted to take them off, not even at bedtime. My mother wasn’t having it and convinced me otherwise, a.k.a take them off now or else…so off they came 🙁

Fast forward to my latest obsession; women’s ties. Particularly those made by Mélodie Pilon, the founder and designer of Melodie Ties for Her. Coincidentally, she is an ex-Montrealer turned Torontonian like moi (she too saw the light!). A former Product Marketing Manager for Chanel, and my 6 degrees of separation to Monsieur Lagerfeld, Mélodie decided to take her love of fashion in a new direction and created this beautiful accessory.

The ties are made of Italian silk and the designs are gorgeous. I love how she took something traditionally masculine and transformed it into a sexy and feminine accessory. A look that’s right up my alley, tailored and très très chic.

How would you wear these lovely ties? Check out the pictures below. I put together a few looks for ya.  Hope they inspire you!