It’s no secret that I love my boyfriend, he’s perfect for me, but holy hell is he high maintenance!

Though Toronto is ranked one of the best boyfriend’s in the world, he’s also one of the most expensive, which is why if you wanna experience all that he and this world’s got to offer, you gotta hustle and that’s what I am doing! …cause Morocco is waiting for me and I ain’t gonna make it there with just my pretty face 😉

The side hustle is synonymous with Toronto living these days and so when I moved back to live with this boyfriend of mine, from my money sucking but oh so gratifying stint in Italy, I jumped on the side hustle bandwagon faster than you can say boo, cause I was fricking broke and a full time job alone wasn’t gonna cut it.

Which brings me to my side hustle of choice (a fashion endeavour of course) with a company called Stella & Dot. A fashion accessories company based in California where independent stylists like myself can run a small business with all the resources of a big company.  It’s a win win business model. We the stylists replace the traditional retailers and earn great commissions on our sales, all while making amazing connections with our customers by giving them the personal shopping experience. We all know how much I love personal shopping! Oh, and did I mention that as stylists we also get a plethora of accessories for next to nothing… yeah, that’s right! Only downfall, choosing what to wear every morning – makes me late every time. Lol.  #StylistProblems.

Gushing aside, this side hustle has been a lifesaver. Working this business has helped me get back on my feet; I furnished my entire apartment, paid for my trips to Turkey and New York, and many other little things that I wouldn’t have been able to indulge in if it wasn’t for this business. Hustle and Flow baby 😉

Ok back to gushing…

This summer’s collection has some of my favourite pieces and so I decided to pair them up with my top trends of the season to create a few fun and chic looks. I hope they inspire you to create your own too. Check out my website to see the entire collection of jewels. Go ahead, do it, you know you want to!

So, what are my fave trends of the season, you ask? Well, here are my top 6 in the 6:

1) The Blue Striped Shirt

With feminine frills or the classic mens style shirt – love it! Wear it over white jeans or boyfriend jeans, with a bright white sneaker (another of my fave current trends fyi) and voila, you’ve now got an uber cool outfit.

2) The Jumpsuit

Plain or printed, wear it anywhere. (Tip: for the ladies like me who don’t have a lot of junk in the trunk, find a jumpsuit that has a slightly lower waistline and that is a little more structured as to avoid having your backside look like a surfboard – (not a good look) otherwise you can always belt it (the wide belt is back) and create your own natural waistline.)

3) Floral / Tropical Prints

Head to toe print, tops, bottoms, shoes – wear what feels comfortable – push the boundaries a little – but don’t let it overwhelm you. Wear the prints, don’t let them wear you.

4) The Pleated Midi Skirt

Waistline and length are key. The higher waist will accentuate the smallest part of your torso (slightly higher than your natural waistline) and length is key depending on your height. If you’re average height and got not so skinny calves, like yours truly – just below the knee or just below the calf is best.

5) Tassels

They’re everywhere! Jewelry, shoes, hems of jeans, sleeves of tops…it’s a lovely little detail and not overwhelming, so go with it! Just don’t spend an arm and a leg on this trend as we don’t know how long the tassel will be hanging around.. Pun intended.

6) Off the Shoulder

It’s summer, show off those shoulders! Tops or dresses, striped, white, floral or denim – just wear it. Looks sexy and sophisticated. Wear your hair up and with tassel earrings (as mentioned above) and boom – helluva gorgeous!

Ok, so to conclude this post, I am gonna call out the elephant in the room ….it’s been 7 months since my last post. Shameful, I know! Full disclosure – sometimes life kicks your ass and you fall off the elephant (sticking with the elephant theme here) and even the most passionate of projects get lost in the madness, but luckily I have people around me who pushed me and gave me the tough love that I needed and I am pleased to say the pity party is over! Guinness world record for longest pity party… maybe? Hey, a girl can look for a silver lining can’t she? Lol.

For those of you who busted my chops, bugging me to get this post out, thank you!  It means you give a shit about what I have to say, lol, and that makes me and the BF very very mucho happy!

Cheers! See you back here in soon for the next post. 🙂

Photo credit:  Kareen Mallon @electrafire

Marketing images courtesy of Stella & Dot